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E.C. Andersson North Sea Watch

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If you've got a weak spot for the cushion-shaped oyster cases of the past but have trouble fitting them on your wrist, then the E.C. Andersson North Sea fake watch might be something for you. With a case that measures 40mm in diameter and 10mm thick, it sits just right ?no matter the wrist size. We like to think of it as a modern Panerai for smaller wrists.

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But let us start from the beginning. Who is E.C. Andersson, and why did he decide to join the already highly competitive fake watch scene? The answer is quite simple, "detailed manufacturing is my true love,?states the founder with the same name, Erik C Andersson. It all started when he was a young boy and his grandfather showed him how to build miniature steam machines. "I was awed by the fact that such small metal parts could work together and create such power,?he says. Even though Erik later found his passion in automatic timepieces, it was this fascination that ignited the choices of his life.

The very first E.C. Andersson model started on a piece of paper eight years ago. "I have always been fascinated with the past, industrialism and mechanics that don't depend on electricity or software. So, I wanted a design that pays tribute to the heritage of horology, but merge it with a bold progressive look." The inspiration is the very first cushion-shaped oyster case introduced in the late 1920s.

"I love it when replica watches feel intricate in their simplicity, especially when the utility is clear from the first look.?The watch, called the E.C. Andersson North Sea, is just that ?robust and durable, clean and functional, but you always feel that hard work was put into it. The E.C. Andersson North Sea is made to be visible in all light conditions with sharp illuminated indices, a vivid minute frame, and an exposed, white calendar wheel in contrast to the matte black dial.

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The E.C. Andersson North Sea fake watch is designed to stand out and is equipped with the durable automatic Seiko NH05. Using a Seiko movement isn't only a durability measure, it helps to control costs, making the E.C. Andersson North Sea suitable for most wallets whilst maintaining important specs. "Built like a tank and reliable as a trooper. The Seiko NH05 won't let you down even on the most turbulent waters. Actually, it's so robust that you won't need to service the North Sea in the next decade. And when you do ?it will be at a marginal cost compared to rivals,?Erik states. The NH05 is an automatic movement that operates at 3Hz and gets a 50-hour minimum power reserve.

E.C. Andersson has a very explicit philosophy: "Your fake watch is meant to be used ?always.?So, there's no surprise when it comes to hardware: hand brushed 316L steel with polished details, sapphire crystal, shock absorbent case that is 100m waterproof, Swiss LumiNova indices and 50 hours of power reserve. Every timepiece is hand-made in Switzerland and individually tested. The Italian rubber bracelet on the E.C.Andersson North Sea doesn't just deliver attitude, but blends in perfect harmony with the case.

Making it in this business might be hard, but if you have a passion, there are few choices but to chase your dreams. Fortunately, a great way to start a promising brand is through crowdfunding. "If there's love for the project, it will show right from the get-go,?says Erik who managed to reach his goal at Kickstarter in just a few hours. That means that series production is a fact, and future models are expected to come. If you're a fan of this intelligent merger of retro and modernism, head on over to E.C. Andersson's Kickstarter campaign where there is still time to pick up an E.C. Andersson North Sea of your own, for approximately $495. ecandersson.com

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